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Don't Release Me by DarkMoonCrest Don't Release Me by DarkMoonCrest
(Full title: Don't Release Me - I don't Want To Be A Monster)

Figured I'd throw up one or two of my older works I have on my FA account, the good ones anyway.

This one was kind of a pain to finished back when, but at the same time fun. Love the colors and the figure, though I'm not at all pleased with the background.

Can't be arsed to re-scan it and add a different watermark. It has my name and FA account on it anyway, so meh.

Copypasta from my FA discription:

Locked away in a dark corner of the world, hidden from all life he sleeps. Who imprisoned the creature? No one has ever seen him and lived to tell the tale. He's a monster, cold and uncaring, with only the desire to bring pain and suffering to any and all living creatures.

... Or so we're led to believe. The truth is he's the slave to the storyline. Only created to be the lead antagonist, to be killed by the so-called hero, controlled by the players. He's chained by his own hands, rejecting the cruel script he was given at birth. Wouldn't you do the same if you were only born to be killed? Who says he hates? Who says he wants to bring pain to the world? It's all in the script.

We must all play our part.
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December 30, 2009
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